Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ugly tree, baby straight jacket, it's 3AM I must be grumpy

3BT for 5/10/07

1. The beast is being cut down. Our ginormous tree in the front yard is being cut down down today and hauled off. The branches were dangerously falling places, the dead bark was infested with carpenter ants, and it looked like someone beat it with an ugly stick... wait it is a tree... maybe it produces ugly sticks. I could start a new business selling these things. I have not started a new business venture this year so I have to get crackin'!

2. Maleah looked like she was wearing a baby straight jacket this morning. She was busting out of her swaddler. I tried to re-swaddle her in the middle of the night, but my attempt was ineffective. Her legs were just hanging out while her arms were still snug against her body. It was really cute.

3. What I say or do in the middle of the night cannot be held against least not for too long. Maleah woke up hungry at 3:30 this morning; something she has not done often in the last several weeks. She usually sleeps in until 6:30 or 7:00. I woke up like a bear growling while I got her bottle ready and growled that I did not want to feed Maleah. After I apologized this morning Miranda was very forgiving. Thank goodness for forgiveness. And for forgetness. And for good grammerness.

1 comment:

  1. 1. That tree DEFINATELY produces ugly sticks.
    2. The baby straight jacket was cute, reading what you said made me laugh out loud just remembering...her laying there just looking up with those beautiful eyes!
    3. I don't think even a bear would have been that mean :) Kidding! Those moments are few and far between...but you've got to be nice! :)