Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stumped, Kim, June..?

3BT for 5/17/07

1. I am having someone else remove our stump. I have had a horrible experience with Complete Tree service, Fred Mummaw is the owner. He needs to get more or better workers. He needs to learn how to properly schedule work and delegate. He needs to remember not to take the money before the work is done. He needs to learn how to meet a schedule that he has set and when something comes up to call the customer. He needs most importantly to learn how to run an effective business....All of that aside...he doesn't get the money to grind the stump. THAT is beautiful. Don't go to Complete Tree Service in Chillicothe, oH...and don't tell them Bob sent you.

2. My buddy Kim is back to work today. I cannot imagine how much she still hurts. I just want to be a source of "back to normal" for her. I know it won't be normal for some time. I am just glad to see her again.

3. The first service in our new church building is on June....? We're not sure yet. It is supposed to be June 3rd, but talk is they might not be done by then. If not the 3rd it will be the 10th. Either way...we're moving into it in June! How exciting. You're all invited by the way! We're the building with the steeple off of 35 in Chillicothe. :)


  1. Anonymous5/16/2007

    i guess it could be worse, you could have a mouse in the house instead of the tree layin all over the front road.

  2. Yeah, or the tree could be laying all over the front yard. Either way is bad. :)

  3. I love my front road. Wouldn't trade it for the world.