Friday, May 11, 2007

Singing, Work and "The Chair"

1. Singing. Not that I'm good at it. Bob is. Not me. But sometimes the mood just strikes and I want to sing up a storm. It's a release. I sing in praise and love to God when I listen to my radio...and I just want to sing as loud as I can, lift my hands toward Him, and let it all out. Today I feel just like that.

2. Work. My work was running low...thankfully I am now sitting in a small abundance of it. I love the feeling of getting a job done. It's a wonderful feeling.

3. The Chair. Think about it...How would I work at my desk if not for my chair? Would I have to stand? Sit on the floor? Then again, maybe it should be all office, calculator, desk, paperclips, pens, paper....because if I just had a chair and nothing else, how weird would that be?

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