Thursday, May 03, 2007

New house, audience of one, NDOP

3BT for 5/3/07

1. Finally getting to see Butch and Annie's new house. It is a great house. The windows are huge at the front of the house. The kitchen is beautiful. They will have plenty of space for storage - which I envy. It is going to be a great place to have family gatherings for Holidays, cook-outs, etc. Plus, it is very close which is excellent for us! When we were leaving we saw two cardinals too.

2. Even if no one ever sees do. God knows my thoughts, my hopes, my fears...and He knows what makes me happy. Sometimes my posts are about silly stuff and sometimes they are serious. Either way, they are about what makes me happy. That is what the 3BT is all about.

3. National Day of Prayer. There is a power when the nation comes together for the NDOP. I love my President because he believes that God "hears our prayers and gives grace to those who seek Him". Prayer is a powerful thing.

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