Wednesday, May 02, 2007

New building, HGTV, sunglasses

I apologize for missing my 3BT yesterday!

3BT for 5/2/07

1. I attended a meeting yesterday to see the new building I would be working out of in July. That was not the good part. The good part was realizing that even though I will have to drive to Columbus again...I still have my job. I am blessed.

2. I love HGTV. The problem is that us want to do things to our house, yard, etc. We will be doing some major yard work and inside work very soon. The thought makes me happy. I am excited that our house might actually look nice for people when they come over. Imagine that!

3. Maleah in her new sunglasses. Some people from work pitched in and bought a bag of stuff for Maleah. It was very nice. One of those things was a pair of sunglasses. We snapped a bunch of pictures. Click here to go to her page to see them.

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