Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Long talks, cardinals, innocence

3BT for 5/8

1. Long talks with Miranda. Usually to a guy that would be scary, but not the type of talks we have. We talk about God's love, grace, Maleah, politics, our house, and tv shows to name a few. We laugh, we debate, and we never feel like our time is wasted when we're talking.

2. I saw a cardinal yesterday. I had not seen one outside of our house before. It is odd that our state bird is rarely seen here. It is such a pretty bird and seems so smart as it stands bold and proud on a branch. Then again, it still poops standing up like all of the ugly birds.

3. People that still have innocence in this world. My wife is one of those people. There are some things that she may not understand, but it is not ignorance - it is innocence. In this world few still have that innocence. There are elementary school children that not only know about sex, but they are having it. Innocence may be lost on most, but not on my wife. She is a beautiful flower standing in the midst of dirty weeds.


  1. I absolutely LOVE our talks! I think we are funny and witty and hilarious...but then again, maybe that's why everyone else looks at us like we're crazy! I love quoting Friends with you, and The Office. I love our inside jokes. You're my best friend and I love you!

    I liked the bird-poop thing! Hehe!

  2. I love making an inside joke and just watching while people stare at us. It is so much fun. Sorry Matt, but Miranda you are my best friend.

  3. Wow...I rank higher than MATT??? Kudos to me!