Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Jim & Pam, Pastor's Podcast, Maleah's shots

3BT for 5/22/07

1. Jim and Pam are going on a date! If you don't recognize those names then you don't watch the Office. The season finale was last week and Jim asked Pam out. It was a much anticipated moment. Yes, I know it is just television.

2. I got Pastor's audio sermons to properly podcast...finally. This allows people with iTunes to be able to subscribe to the weekly message without having to go to the website to download it. Go to if you want to subscribe!

3. Miranda stayed home with Maleah after her shots yesterday. Her face turned ten shades of red immediately after, but she is doing great now. I was glad that she was able to spend that time with her. It meant alot to both of us that she could do that.

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