Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Great audience, Great cd, Great-grandpa Speakman

3BT for 5/15/07

1. The most receptive audience in the world could not compare to my audience last night. Maleah was absolutely cracking up at me. Mouth wide open, swinging arms, kicking legs, cracking up! It was awesome. Later that evening before she went to bed I sang some of my favorite Christian songs to her. She was playing with my shirt and then would look up at me, gaze into my eyes and give her sheepish grin. It was so sweet. I would rather make her laugh and smile than an entire stadium filled with people.

2. New TobyMac cd. I've given up most christian rap due to changes in my music tastes. I guess I'm getting old. However, one rapper I cannot give up on is TobyMac. His style is so different from everything else out right now. He continues to improve with each CD that comes out. Portable Sounds is no exception. He is hip hop, reggae, rock, and r&b all in one artist. Most of all his music is feel good music. His songs actually praise God. Try finding that in some of the other christian rap cds.

3. My Grandpa Speakman was able to see Maleah for the first time yesterday. He seemed really happy to be able to tell Grandma that he got to see her. I'm glad that was able to happen.

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  1. I love the way she laughs with her entire body!