Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Feast, AI, and the Lot

3BT for 5/23/07

1. The Feast of the Flowering Moon is this weekend. It is not as big or as steeped in tradition as it once was, but they will have fair food! Fried cheese on a stick, fried oreos, and any other food they can find to fry will be available. I'll be at the TWC booth from 2-4 on Sunday so come see me!

2. Great finale on AI. I appreciated the quality of talent in this years finals.

3. "The Lot" just started last night. It is a tv show competition that puts wannabe directors through rigorous tests and challenges to be awarded a job at Dreamworks and a million dollars. It was a very good

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  1. The Weather Channel has a booth at the Feast? WOW!