Monday, May 14, 2007

Dedication, momma's girl, beautiful weather

3BT for 5/14/07

1. Maleah's baby dedication. The service itself is a commitment by the parents that they will raise their children according to God's Word. It does not save Maleah from anything. It does not give her a blanket protection. When she is old enough she still has to make the decision to serve God on her own. The dedication simply says that we will raise her according to God's will for her life. It is a beautiful thought. I was glad to see Kim there. It means a lot to me that she was able to see the dedication.

2. Miranda is a terrific mom. Maleah is so lucky to have her - and she knows that. Maleah does not look at anyone the way she looks at Miranda. She gazes at her with wonder. She loves her as much as her baby heart and mind can understand. She smiles, giggles, and coos when she wants Miranda to know how she feels. I can accept that no matter how much time myself or anyone else may spend with Maleah, she's a momma's girl.

3. Beautiful weather weekend. I was able to get some yard work done - which was desperately needed. Also, because it was so nice the people we paid to cut down and remove the tree in our front yard inched toward completion.

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