Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cook-out, The Feast, reaching, B.A. Bob, smells, raccoon

3BT for 5/28 and 5/29

1. Memorial Day cook-out. What is a Spring/Summer holiday without a cook-out? It was uneventful, but we all ate well. Morgan, Nathan, and Kaitlyn played. Maleah watched from her exersaucer. We played some "Cornhole" and that was about it. It was just a relaxed event.

2. The Feast is over. Although nothing too exciting there was a great turn-out and even better food. C&S Concessions continues to be head and shoulders above any other booth for their Texas tenderloins and steak burgers. Maleah enjoyed the people watching. We got to eat junk food and she got to eat...the same old bottle. She didn't mind though.

3. Maleah is reaching for us now! I know some babies don't start doing that until they are 6 or 7 months. She also is working hard on crawling. She can work her legs, but her arms just aren't strong enough. I am going to buy her some 1 pound weights so she can work on her strength. :) I am just so proud of her!

4. Graduation recognition Sunday. I didn't attend my own graduation, but I didn't mind. Sunday I had my name called by my Pastor and was acknowledged for my acheivement. That was enough for me. I worked hard to get my B.A. and I'm proud of it. It may not be as big as Chelsea's degree (certainly not the pay!), but I am excited about it. Hopefully I can actually do some work in that field one day! :)

5. Familiar smells. The Mead (Glattfelter) has really been smelling lately. If you have ever lived near a paper mill you know what it smells like. It isn't a good smell, but it makes me think of being a young boy waiting for dad to get home. He worked at the mill and his clothes always smelled strong of the various paper making processes. The smell of a fire makes me think of a million things; cook-outs, bon fires, an inviting fireplace - just to name a few. The many smells of fall are my favorite though. They make me think of Miranda. We always go to the Bainbridge Fall Festival of Leaves and the Pumpkin show. That is also the official kick-off to the Christmas season! The next door neighbor has a mimosa tree. It doesn't remind me of anything, but it smells really good!

6. Butch is single handedly taking care of all of the raccoons on the West side of the city. At least it feels that way. Yesterday he caught the fourth raccoon in just a couple week span. Don't worry, he is releasing them in a wooded area so that they can be free. Or, maybe he is taking them to a undisclosed location and preparing them for a raccoon circus. Either way, they should be happy.

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