Monday, May 21, 2007

Coffee/Toast, front porch, baby feet

3BT for 5/21/07

1. Coffee and toast. A couple mornings last week I had a cup of coffee with toast covered in cinnamon and sugar. It was a great way to start the morning. Miranda got me cutting them into four triangles and I would take a bite and then a sip of coffee. Yum.

2. Front porch sitting. Is there anything more country music than that? Seriously though, there was something great about slowing down just long enough to sit with Miranda and Maleah on the front porch and hang out. In this fast paced world it is nice to slow down and let life rush past you.

3. Baby feet. What is it about baby feet that make people want to grab them? At church about 15 people grabbed her feet when they saw her. Some of which I didn't even know who they were! Plus, she was kicking them real fast which made them look even more irresistible!


  1. Hon! Don't tell everyone I was kicking people! ;)

  2. You're feet are really cute too! :)