Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Blessed, Charles Stanley, flavored pop day

3BT for 5/9/07

1. Realizing how blessed I really am. I took some trash out this morning and looked around. I looked at the flowers in front of the house God blessed us with. I walked back inside and found my wife talking to our beautiful baby and she was grinning ear to ear. I am supplied with every basic need that we have and blessed with things I don't even need. God has given us so much even though we offer Him so little.

2. I have 6 Charles Stanley podcasts to listen to! I have not had a chance to listen to my podcasts for almost a week so I will have a Charles Stanley podcast-a-thon this afternoon! I know I have said it before, but I love Charles Stanley. If you have never heard him you can listen to message archives online at

3. It is flavored pop day! I am going to pick Miranda and myself up some vanilla pepsi's from Allen's Pharmacy at lunch today. They are terrific. I cannot wait. I'm like "hello carbs" and they're like "yeah, where ya been?" and then I am like "um, away" and they are like "yeah right" and I'm like "seriously" and they're like "serious?" and I'm like "yeah", and they're like "oh".

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  1. ...and you're like "pop?" and i'm like "yeah" and you're like "ok" and i'm like "awesome" and you're like "today" and i'm like "duh" and you're like "sweet" and i'm like "cool" :)