Wednesday, May 16, 2007

AI Power Rankings: Week 9

The final 4 sang last week and there were 3 who clearly deserved to move on. Here are the results and my picks from last week.

The bottom 2 I picked:
Lakisha Edwards
Blake Lewis

The actual bottom 2:
Lakisha Edwards - Correct
Blake Lewis - Correct

I went 2 for 2 on the bottom 2. I picked Lakisha to leave and she was the one who was eliminated from the competition. My record stands as 13 for 22 on picking the bottom, and 4 for 8 on who would go home. I am 59% accurate on the bottom and 50% accurate on the eliminee.

The final 3 performed 3 songs each - one picked by a judge, one by Clive, and one by the contestant. I would have to say this was possibly the best top 3 week AI has ever had as far as quality goes. Here is the next to last AI power ranking:

3. (1) Malinda Doolittle. She sang well on all three songs. She was better vocally than Blake and equivalent to Jordin. Randy picked a Whitney song for her and she did well. It is hard for me to say it, but I think Blake vs Jordin is a much better finale an either of the two would do better at selling CDs. Malinda would be better off not winning so she could do her own style of music. A christian CD would be terrific! I just don't want her to be another Reuben, Fantasia, or Taylor Hicks. Entertaining on the show, but wouldn't be as marketable.

2. (2) Blake Lewis. Blake was better than he had been all season. Paula actually nailed it when she picked a Maroon 5 song that fit his voice wonderfully. He would be great in the finals and his CD would sell big time. It would be a shame if he was not present next week.

1. (3) Jordin Sparks. Jordin went from possible contender to front runner in one night. She stepped up her game and did not look like a teenager - she looked like an Idol winner. She will be exciting in the finals. I don't think she has to fear going home. Here are my predictions for Week 9:

The Bottom 2:
Malinda Doolittle - She doesn't deserve to go home, but someone has to go.
Blake Lewis - He's in danger, but I hope he stays around 1 more week.

Who's going home?
Miranda really thinks Blake is going home (not that she wants that to happen) and I wish I fully disagreed with her. Against better judgement...I pick Malinda to exit the show. We'll see tonight when Elliot "I got new chompers" Yamin performs.

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