Wednesday, May 09, 2007

AI Power Rankings: Week 8

Six people sang last week and only four of them returned this week. Let's see a recap of the results.

The 2 I picked to go home:
Lakisha Edwards
Chris Richardson

The 2 that went home:
Phil Stacey - Incorrect
Chris Richardson - Correct

Two were in the bottom and two went home. I was 1 for 2 on both the bottom 2 and on who would be eliminated. My record stands as 11 for 20 on picking the bottom, and a meager 3 for 7 on who would go home.

It was Bee Gees music last night. It was an interesting night for certain. It is kind of hard for people to sing songs from such a unique group. Some performances were fun and some were powerful. Here's the rundown rankings for week 8:

4. (5) Lakisha Jones. Lakisha did awful on her first song and ok on her second. She needed to wow the people voting and she did not do that. She did "Stayin' Alive" which is an upbeat song...and she slowed it down. Snore.

3. (3) Jordin Sparks. Jordin dramatically recovered from a tough night last week. Both songs had powerful vocals and were just what she needed to stay in this competition. She does need to watch singing songs that sound older or dressing in an old-fashioned way. Her base is young people so she needs to act and dress the part.

2. (2) Blake Lewis. His first song was a little rough on the falsetto parts, but he pulled it together on his second song. He is so contemporary, but sometimes I wonder if that is a good thing or a bad thing. We'll see tonight. I believe he will stay this week, but you never know.

1. (1) Malinda Doolittle. Her first song was not bad, but not great. Her second song was fantastic. She should be in the finals with no problem. Here are my predictions for Week 7:

The Bottom 2:

Lakisha Edwards - The luck stops here.
Blake Lewis - He should have the votes to stay this week.

I am just picking two because they will probably have top 2 and bottom 2.

Who's going home?
My choices were Chris Richardson and Lakisha Edwards to leave the show last week and I was half right. Phil Stacey made an early exit and Lakisha stuck around. She won't be so lucky this week. I predict that Lakisha will be off of AI tonight.

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  1. I think the bottom 2 will be Lakisha and Melinda. I don't think Melinda deserves it by any means...but I think Jordin/Blake have more fans. Melinda is SO good. It's sad. Why might she go??? WHY!? It's not fair! (input hysterical sobbing here) :) Just kidding! Read Confession #21 on my blog!