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AI Power Rankings: Week 7

AI Power Rankings: Week 7
I correctly predicted the "Idol Shocker" to be a non elimination week, but two idols will go home tonight. Who will it be?

My record still stands as 10 for 18 on picking the bottom 3, and a pitiful 2 for 6 on who should go home.

It was Bon Jovi week. By far this was the coolest guest mentor yet. It turned out very well. Here's the rundown rankings for week 7:

6. (5) Chris Richardson. After attempting to "Change the World" last week, Chris made an Idol boo boo and sang "Dead or Alive" previously performed by Idol superstar Chris Daughtry. I don't know what the judges were thinking in giving him praise for it. It was screechy. Justin Timberlake? I don't like him, but give him some credit. Chris is nowhere near Justin.

5. (6) Lakisha Jones. She was not the worst last night. She did a good job on her song. However, it was not enough to erase the last 4 weeks of performances from mind. She probably gained some ground this week with voters, but not enough to outlast the competition.

4. (4) Phil Stacey. Phil nailed it again. He gets better each week. Hopefully he has enough fans to keep him around for another week.

3. (2) Jordin Sparks. Jordin was unfortunately the worst of the night. She is not a rocker and I hate to see her do that poorly. She'll stay based on last weeks votes plus prior excellent performances. The girls were at a disadvantage due to the style they were forced to sing.

2. (3) Blake Lewis. Beet box is back! Blake made a Bon Jovi song his very own. He took a big risk and it paid off big. That is what he needed to get the votes to stay.

1. (1) Malinda Doolittle. She was a rocker! If only for a night. She gave a high energy performance with vocals unmatched in the competition. She is now my front runner. It is her competition to lose. I cannot see her having a bad week. Here are my predictions for Week 7:


The Bottom 2:

Lakisha Edwards - Goodbye and goodnight.
Chris Richardson - This JT wannabe is out like Seacrest.

I won't pick a third. Two are going home, Two is what I pick!

Who's going home?
I nailed it last week when I said there was a chance that no one would go home. This week 2 people go home. My choices are Chris Richardson and Lakisha Edwards to leave the show this evening. I really am very confident that my streak will continue.

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