Thursday, May 17, 2007

AI Finals, tree free, Royalty

3BT for 5/17/07

1. Blake vs. Jordin. This should be the most entertaining finals with exception to maybe Carrie vs. Bo two seasons ago. It is way better than McPhee vs Harmonica Joe last year. I was also happy I picked it correctly!

2. My front yard is tree free. I had to hand out a dose of tough love to Fred and the gang...and they did their job. Finally.

3. Today I feel like royalty...because White Castle is coming to Chillitown! Woo hoo! Sorry Miranda, but I see some trips with Matt to the Castle in the future. Welcome to Slyderville baby! Wooo hoo!


  1. White Castle??? Gag me!!! :P

    Bring on the Olive Garden!!!

  2. You're just jealous of my history with "the castle". You wish you and Olive Garden had that sort of history.

  3. Chelsea is equally as bummed as Miranda. I say...get over it! Sliders rock!!!

  4. Wooo hoo! Yeah baby! Go Castle, its yo' birfday!