Friday, May 25, 2007

3DW, Acord's, growing fast

3BT for 5/25/07

1. 3 day weekend! No explanation needed as to why this is a beautiful thing.

2. I tried Acord's Pizza for the first time yesterday...and it was great. You may be thinking "I've never even heard of Acord's Pizza". Neither had I. They are located on 772 as you are going into Huntington TWP. They are located in a little shop just before you get to Hirsch's. They are on your left if you are heading south. If you like good greasy pizza, you'll love Acord's Pizza and Subs. Why is it that a lot of my 3BT's are either food or tv related? Hmm...

3. Watching my girl grow right before my eyes. She is getting so tall already. She is so beautiful and is a ton of fun. Her personality is developing so much. She's her own little person now!

1 comment:

  1. Pizza was awesome!

    Talk about personality! Man alive! It amazes me that at 4 months old she tries SO hard NOT to laugh at us. Puts that fist in that mouth, won't make eye contact...she's so silly!