Monday, May 07, 2007

3 day weekend, Reds, Wii

3BT for 5/7/07
1. We had a great 3 day weekend. We took off Friday and I did yard work, planted flowers, put together our swing set with my dad, and hung out with my girls Miranda and Maleah. Saturday after Annie's yard sale we had a surprise birthday party for Miranda. It went really well. We grilled out, played some Wii, and ate too much. She seemed to appreciate it.

2. I went to a Reds game with Matt on Sunday. He bought the three of us guys in his wedding tickets. They were in the nice club seating. We could order concessions right from our seats. Matt paid for something with a credit card and the lady swiped it into her wireless handheld device. The server came down with the food within a couple of minutes of the woman who took the order leaving. I ordered pizza from my cell phone and it was delivered right to my seat. I took the leftover pizza with me for lunch today.

I had already met one of the guys, Stu, from 610 WTVN in Columbus when Matt and I went to the Blue Jackets game. I hadn't met Scott, but I knew of him and had seen a lot of his photo work. It was a great game. We all had a good time. I can understand why Matt is friends with all three of us. We all have a very similar sense of humor. To the right is a picture that Stu took from his cell phone of us at the game.

3. Speaking of Wii. John brought his Nintendo Wii over to my house for Miranda's birthday party and WE had fun with Wii. We played tennis, baseball, table tennis, boxing, and bowling. I stunk at everything with exception to tennis. That easier for me to play. I can see that being a reoccurring family night game in the near future.

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