Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Reflections of the VT Massacre

An interview with Denny Schaffer

We are all in shock over the massacre that took place at Virginia Tech. Hopefully this will not too soon be forgotten. The hundreds of questions that this will bring about may not be answered anytime soon.

I was listening to the Glen Beck program this morning with guest host Denny Schaffer. He kept saying that it was important to remember that in the midst of this tragedy it was the shooter that killed those innocent people. The gun was just the weapon used. I emailed Denny because he kept referring to his gun facts as "fun facts". This upset me because there was nothing fun about it. He did something you will not see anyone in the liberal media do. He apologized on the air and said it was a poor choice of words.

I emailed him back and asked if he would do a quick interview with me in regards to this very topic. Here is the transcript of that email interview:

Bob: Thank-you for taking a minute to answer a few questions. What is the most important lesson that you think we can learn from the horrible massacre that took place on the Virginia Tech campus?

Denny: Its hard to give you a short answer but I will try. All the gun laws in the world will not protect anyone. Bad people will find a way to get guns and do harm to others. When you here politicians screaming for more gun control remember this. The only way to stop this punk was with a gun.

Bob: I had written you an email that said I didn't agree with the way you were stating several "fun facts" about gun control. You clarified that it your point was to inform people not get swayed by Liberal media during such a sensitive time. What do we need to learn about gun control so that we are not misinformed by the media or politicians?

Denny: Get the facts. People that are use guns on others are not people that have permits and training with firearms. Yes sometimes there are exceptions but they are few. Our own government studies has said 74% of felons said they avoid a home when someone is home because of fear the owner may have a gun. That's enough for me......

Bob: Final question. How important do you think it is for people to turn to God during a time like this? Is counseling enough?

Denny: God is the ultimate counselor. We don't know the reasons for why things like this happen but I don't want to worship a God that my pea brain can figure out. It's a fact this murderer would not have acted out the way that he did if he knew Jesus. I know that this sounds simple but it is. True followers of Christ would never act out in this way. He is the way, the truth and the life.

Bob: Thank-you again for your time on this. You can find Denny Schaffer's website at

Please remember those families that have lost loved ones and pray for them fervently. Pray for that community to rise above tragedy and unify together. Pray for our country to do the same. Whether or not you agree with Denny's information on gun control, we all need to agree on one thing: Evil can be defeated and goodness can prevail - if we all come together. Denny was right - we cannot understand God or His ways. We need only to trust Him.

Those students were brave. For those that survived our prayers our with you. We pray that your physical and emotional wounds will heal, but we know scars will be left in their place. God bless you.

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