Wednesday, April 25, 2007

M&E's new cookie, more food, Christmas in April

3BT for 4/25/07

1. Max and Erma's now has white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies...and they are amazing. Warm, sweet, and and yummmmy. Whew. Forgot where I was for a sec there.

2. Max and Erma's now has white choco...oh wait. Did that already. Max and Erma's bacon bleu burger...stop! I must be hungry for lunch. Ok, seriously...something else that is good besides food. Um..oh, I know! Snow, paper, a ghost!

3. After 4 months my Christmas lights are finally down. I've been downgraded from hillbilly to townie. Only now have I just realized that I would be putting them back up again in seven months. I think I understand now why people keep them up so long. Hmmm.

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