Friday, April 27, 2007

Graduation, career shadowing, NFL Draft

3BT for 4/27/07

1. My graduation is this weekend. I'm not going, but it does mark the official end of my college journey. Before you ask, I am not going because I don't know anyone there, we would need a baby sitter for Maleah for at least 4 hours, and it costs $100. The most important thing is that I already have my diploma. It is prominently sitting inside a folder. It really is important to me and represents a lot. About $20,000. Seriously, I am proud of it and I worked hard for it. Finish line....race complete.

2. My nephew Brandon shadowed me yesterday. The only thing more boring than doing my job is watching me do my job. I was a last resort option for him. He sat and listened as I taught him the ins and outs of my job. I went into great depth describing everything I do. Twenty minutes later I taught him that you can stuff 20 gumballs in your mouth at once, but that you will probably be sick from the sugar.

3. Tomorrow is the NFL draft. I have been waiting for this event for months. I do mean event. This is the pivotal moment in the Fantasy Football season. This is where the mock drafts start coming out of the woodwork. This is when it gets serious. I love football season!

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