Wednesday, April 18, 2007

AI Power Rankings: Week 5

Did I get one right last week? Let's find out...

The bottom 3 I picked:
Haley Scarnato
Chris Richardson
Lakisha Jones

Actual bottom 3:
Haley Scarnato - Correct
Chris Richardson - Correct
Phil Stacey - Incorrect

I picked Haley Scarnato to leave and I was correct for the first time this season! It was her time to go. Again I picked 2 out of 3 on who would be in the bottom 3.

My record now stands as 8 for 15 on picking the bottom 3, and a pitiful 1 for 5 on who should go home.

It was country week with Martina McBride. Country week is always a question mark because you never know what you’re going to get. There wasn’t anyone left that seemed like they would sing country. The night was mediocre overall; much like country music itself. Here are my rankings for week 6:

7. (7) Sanjaya Malakar. After leaving my bottom spot last week he finds himself in familiar surroundings this week. He was worse than Karaoke. Thank goodness for Simon laying him out last night. He needed to do that. He’s just a kid so everyone has been stepping lightly. He needed a reality check.

6. (6) Lakisha Jones. Lakisha made the grave error of choosing the song of one of the best selling Idol’s of all time. She picked “Jesus Take the Wheel” by Carrie Underwood. What a mistake. She was not on key for a large part of it and she had no connection to the song. She was trying to use the song’s popularity to get her votes; the opposite will happen.

5. (5) Chris Richardson. Chris sang “Mayberry” and I think he botched it. It was very nasally and off key. He did a bad job picking the song and an even worse job singing it.

4. (4) Phil Stacey. Phil picked “Where the Blacktop Ends” and he nailed it. I had no idea Phil was a country singer! He did really well. I think he bought himself a week out of the bottom 3 for that performance.

3. (2) Jordan Sparks. Jordan continues to be a front-runner, but lost a little bit of momentum last night. She was really good, but not better than Malinda. She sang a Martina song and sang really well, but lacked that big “wow” moment we’re used to.

2. (3) Malinda Doolittle. Malinda sang some country song that no one knew – not even Martina; but it was terrific. She was awesome on the vocals and gave a great performance.

1. (1) Blake Lewis. I was really eager to see what he would do this week. He sang a Tim McGraw song and again made it his own. Beautiful singing and another smooth performance gives him top billing once again. Here are my predictions for Week 6:


The Bottom 3:
Sanjaya Malakar – Enough said.
Chris Richardson – He’s just not good enough.
Lakisha Jones – The downward spiral continues tonight.

Who's going home? The moment we’ve all been waiting for….. Sanjaya Malakar goes home tonight! Watch tonight as it finally happens. Please happen.

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