Wednesday, April 04, 2007

3BT for 4/4/07

Bob asked me to do today's 3BTs....So, here they are!

1. Snacks. I am sitting here starving right now, and what can I do? Pull out a Dove dark chocolate egg...or a bag of Cheetos...or a Hershey bar...or a granola bar...It doesn't matter what. Snacking is a wonderful thing that can hold you over until lunch, dinner, or just curb a craving. It's awesome! Thank you, Mr. Snack Inventor.

2. The smell of fresh-cut grass. Bob mowed the lawn last night when he got home from work, and there's just something about that smell...Thank you, Mr. Lawn Mower Inventor.

3. Maleah. She's beautiful in a way that cannot be described. She is beautiful when she sleeps, when she smiles, when she cries, when she looks at you with those bright blue eyes and knows you are going to take care of her needs. I love the way she gets excited when you put a bib on her because she knows that food is coming and looks for the bottle. She starts smacking those lips together and puts her hands to her face too. I love when she's deep in sleep and something startles her and her hands jump up quickly and she lets them fall slowly back to her sides. She makes this face favorite face of hers. Cannot be described but it takes my breath away. She is the most beautiful thing in this entire world...Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity to experience an invaluable treasure...Through the love I have for her, I can catch just a small glimpse of the love you must have for me.


  1. Great 3BT! Thanks for the help! Our girl is sooo cute!

  2. Anonymous4/06/2007

    The bottom picture of maleah reminds me of "friends" when joey does his "how you doin' " thing.