Monday, April 02, 2007

3BT for 4/2/07

1. Buckeyes vs. Gators in the NCAA basketball championship. It is crazy that it happened, but it did. The Bucks play the Gators again after playing them in the football championship. The Buckeyes were ranked #1 in the nation coming into the tournament, have won 22 straight, but somehow Florida is the heavy favorite. The good news is that Miranda won her office pool! My baby is getting a new can of formula!

2. Maleah played paper rock scissors with me. I know she is just over 10 weeks old, I know she doesn't know what she's doing, but she did it. As I moved my fist she moved hers with me. She beat me several times with paper and rock, but the clincher was the drill-bit hand move she did. That beat all. She makes a mean cinnamon swirl cake too. :)

3. Jerry Jenkins, Tim LaHaye, and Joel Rosenberg on The Glenn Beck tv program. It was great tv. I DVR'd it and watched it Sunday. Those 3 are great writers on the end times and Biblical prophecy. LaHaye and Jenkins wrote the popular "Left Behind" Series. Rosenberg wrote "The Last Jihad", the "Ezekiel Option", and "Epicenter". I am reading "The Last Jihad right now. It is excellent reading. This guy predicted the September 11 attacks and the Iraq war long before either even happened!


  1. How in the world did I pull that off???

    Also don't forget her rock-paper combo. That took it all! :)

    I miss her!!!

  2. Oh, yeah! That one was awesome!