Tuesday, April 17, 2007

3BT for 4/18

1. Mott's 100% Natural Apple Juice with no sugar added. I don't like most juices because they are too acidic and give me indigestion. Not this juice. It is sweet and it is smooth. It almost tastes like apple cider. I'm hooked. Go get some of it!

2. The Wonder Pets on Nick Jr. Having Maleah has opened up a whole new range of shows for Miranda and myself. Miranda talked about it on her blog. Maleah doesn't really know what is going on, but she loves the bright colors. Miranda likes Diego and the BackYardigans, but the Wonder Pets is my favorite. Hearing the baby duck say, "This is serious (pronounced see we us)" is just the cutest thing.

3. WalkAmerica donations still coming in! I sent out another email plea about a week ago stating that I was at $175 and needed $25 more to hit my goal. I've received $65 more since that email! Thank-you so much to everyone that has given money to my walk. You're more than welcome to still give at I can no longer accept cash or check donations, but can receive online credit card/paypal donations up until the 21st.

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