Monday, April 09, 2007

3BT for 3/9/07

1. Meatloaf in our vending machine at work. That wouldn't be so weird except it isn't a refrigerated vending machine. No one would get sick from eating it, unless they don't do well with huge amounts of salt. It really stops being meat after you pack it with that much salt and preservatives. We cracked up when we saw it. We have chili too.

2. We had a great weekend. Maleah was a very happy baby and we spent most of our time at home. It was cold outside so we didn't really want to go anywhere. 3 weeks ago we went to Miranda's cousin's house for a birthday party and Maleah was fussy almost the entire time we were there. What a difference 3 weeks can make. We went there yesterday for Easter and she was terrific. She was happy, alert, and smiled at people. She still cries sometimes when people take her from "mommy and daddy". We also put her in her own bed for the first time on Friday night. It was sad, but she did pretty well. She is becoming a big girl!

3. Getting something in the mail that you ordered online. We have a beautiful dresser for Maleah's room on its way from Target's website and a sound machine for her room from There is nothing like cracking open a box and seeing that thing in which you've waited for. I probably won't feel that way once I have to put the dresser together though! We love ordering from You can find everything on Amazon. We've ordered everything from books to CD's, from food to furniture, and about anything else you could think of. Spend over $25 on items and you get free shipping!


  1. It's not a dresser hon. It's a bookshelf! Geeze! ;)

  2. What is my problem? :) I might as well call it my 3BM (3 bumbling mistakes)!