Thursday, April 12, 2007

3BT for 4/12/07

1. I reached my goal for WalkAmerica. Thank-you so much for your kindness. It is greatly appreciated! The last donation of $5 I received put me at the $200 mark. We don't have to stop there. If you still want to give, go to Thank-you again!

2. I love it when Miranda wins. When we're playing a board game or anything that is mildly competitive she gets very....intense. When she loses she gets....more intense. Anyhow, I don't particularly like to lose either. I would never let anyone win in anything (except for a child) and I do want to win, but seeing how happy she gets when she wins is great. It is the best consolation prize ever.

3. Maleah's dresser bookshelf is put together and her books are on the shelves. It is adorable in her room. I can just see her running into her room to grab one of her favorite books for story a couple of years. I bought some picture frame bookends that are flowers and butterflies. They match her room, of course! We put her mint green lamp on it with her new sound machine and she is good to go! As long as Jasmine doesn't knock all of the books onto the floor..and the lamp off the top...why do we have a cat?


  1. First, it's a BOOKSHELF not a dresser! Geesh! How many times????

    Second, I don't ALWAYS get "intense"....just sometimes. It's when you are doing well and you get that smirk on your face that I get "intense"!

  2. What is my problem? Why can't I say dresser...I mean bookshelf...I mean dresser!

    Your right you only get "intense" when you're playing against someone.

  3. No! When you make those smirky faces!

  4. A smirk is not a controlled facial expression. I cannot control "the smirk". Either way, I only smirk because I know what's coming. You expect me to smirk so you look at me to see if I am. I smirk because I know you are going to look at me...expecting "the smirk". Its a vicious cycle.

  5. You two DO talk to each other in person too right? LOL!

  6. :)Yep! Apparently we just never run out of things to say!!!