Wednesday, April 11, 2007

3BT for 4/11/07

1. I love postcards. They are the best. I don't collect them or anything, but it falls under the "vacation" category. They can tell an entire story with just a picture...then you get to write on the back! Postcards are great whether you are just saying "hello" or rubbing someones face in the fact that you are at the beach and they aren't. I saw this postcard in Hallmark. It is a Sock Monkey postcard. I found a guy on flickr that took a picture of it.
Isn't it awesome?

2. Playing any type of sport. I love tossing the football, playing wiffle ball, or volleyball. Anything that gets me outside. I feel like I have collapsed a lung after 2 minutes of playing, but I still love it!

3. Seeing Matt on MSNBC. It is still cool to hear him on the radio, but seeing him on national television was the best. He did an awesome job. Of course showing his face on tv will inevitably shut down their station, but still... Honestly, he did awesome! The lady interviewing him about Gov. Strickland's letter to the President actually said he had a great radio voice.

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