Monday, March 12, 2007

It's Still a Wonderful World

I wrote a letter to the editor of the Gazette again. I didn't expect this one to get printed, but it was. It was not put online, but here is the letter in its entirety:

Ten seconds after my daughter was delivered she was in my wife's arms. What a beautiful sight. She was actually here - and we were elated.

We had tried for awhile to have a baby; we even lost a little baby girl, Emily, in the process. My wife was just over 4 months pregnant when she went in for a normal check-up. She went alone. The Doctor couldn't find a heartbeat - and there would be none to find. She was gone. We were devastated. If you have never gone through the loss of a baby consider yourself lucky. If you have - you've been in our prayers. It was the most difficult thing we have had to go through. We made memories - in our minds - that would never be able to be fulfilled.

Less than six months after we lost Emily we became pregnant again. Excitement and fear went hand in hand. Month after month passed and everything was still ok. I wasn't with my wife when she went in for that horrible check-up with Emily. That wouldn't happen again.

Appointments came and went and then on January 19th the most wonderful thing happened. Maleah Desiree came to meet us. We brought her home on the 21st, one of the snowiest days of this winter. I thought I believed in miracles before; then I saw her face.

Through our loss of Emily and our blessing of Maleah we found a renewed faith in God. Two different events in our lives - one horrible and one wonderful - yet they both touched us in a way that will change us forever.

I wanted to share this for one reason - to remind us that in a horrible world there are still good things. In the midst of crime filled streets, wars, and rampant instability we can still find things of great worth in this world.

The colors of fall, our American freedom, great friends, the love of my wife and my baby's smile; those are things that take my breath away. What a wonderful world!

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  1. Annie O'Leary3/12/2007

    Bob ,You are the best !! Love ya, Annie