Sunday, March 04, 2007

Thank-you Mr. Cameron

I can truly appreciate your efforts. I appreciate your attack on my faith and my savior. I am not sure what motivates you; money or dislike of the Christian faith. I would have to lean towards the prior. Let me be perfectly clear. I am thanking Mr. Cameron - with no sarcasm.

You've done the following to help Christianity:

1. People are talking about Jesus...everywhere. I was just listening to the radio and heard someone talk for 20 minutes about their love for Jesus as their savior; it wasn't even a Christian radio station.

2. Christians everywhere are standing up to defend Christ and Christianity.

If it was a money thing I hope you find what you want, but it won't be true happiness. If your intention was to debunk Christianity you have now and will always fail. You've not only failed at disproving my faith, but you've brought the name of Jesus to the forefront.
I guess it is true that "vengeance is the Lord's"!

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