Monday, March 26, 2007

Final words on CraigX

It all started out with a simple blog post and pretty soon I was in a dialogue with Craig X Rubin, the "minister" of Temple 420. I have discovered alot about this man and this "church" since I first wrote the post. Craig, I assume, thought that he would be opening my eyes and informing the ignorant. Quite the opposite. When I first read about this pot "burning" church I shook my head and thought that they were a joke. Now that I have read into the church and their leader I've stopped laughing. It is sad that someone would use something as sacred and close to my heart as the church as a cloak for wrongdoing. He's hiding behind this "religious ceremony" garbage just to allow himself and others to legally possess pot. He should feel shameful, but his actions have already shown he is shameless.

Craig is far from your average minister. Not only is he an actor in the Showtime series "Weeds", but he served as an advisor on their pot board. He also has an appearance in the movie, "Fully Baked: A potumentary". The message of the movie is disgusting at best. The fact that he can even be associate with these things proves his ineligibility to represent God as a minister.
In addition to participating in this filth he was also the owner of a marijuana club that was frequented by celebrities. Lastly, the name of his church is Temple 420 - 420 being a slang for pot.

I apologize to my readers that I gave even 2 seconds of space on here to this destructive ministry. Craig wrote me another response - a very lengthy one - that was filled with inaccurate interpretations of the scripture, court cases that have been won in the past that have nothing to do with pot, and references to life in LA and how they're changing lives there. I will not subject you to it, due to the lack of credibility.

I will close this subject and leave you with these things to think about:
  • In America we have the freedom to participate in any religion that we choose as long as no crime is committed as a result of our practices.
  • As a Christian it is never ok to translate the Bible to fit your own situation or to fulfill your wants. Your needs are already taken care of by God if you do His will.
  • Be aware of false teachers. They usually will try to "meet a need" that a church shouldn't meet. They will often tell you not to read your Bible as they can translate it for you.
  • Most important - If a preacher/minister/teacher tells you that they have a "new revelation" from God, run. Don't even look back. God has revealed Himself to us all through His Word and through His Son. He will fully reveal Himself upon His return - not before.

Please pray for Craig Rubin to stop his destructive ways and to fully surrender to the one true savior, Jesus Christ.


  1. There's a difference between feeling that other beliefs are "inferior" as you put it, or that they are misguided.

    You are right about one thing. I have a problem with Temple 420 because they do not believe as I do. I also don't believe in religious groups that blow up buildings, groups that blow-up abortion clinics, churches that do not preach the Word of God in an accurate form, and anyone who manipulates the scripture to fit their situation.

    God bless you. Your prayers, though unsolicited, are appreciated. We can play the judging game until Jesus returns. I'm judging Temple 420 because they are doing something illegal and using the church as their shelter from police? I don't see it. Aren't you judging me for being too intolerant? Aren't you judging my beliefs by saying that I'm somehow wrong because I believe differently than you?

    Besides, if you believe so much about marijuana being a "sacrament", that you're right and I'm wrong, why do feel the need to defend it? If we are allowed to have different beliefs why are you leaving a comment and offering prayer for someone because they don't believe what you do? My prayer request for Mr. Rubin was genuine.

    Have a great day, and God bless!

  2. Greetings again Bob,

    You seem to think that I am trying to spread my messagage on this simple blog. I really am not.

    But Jesus teaches us to reach out unto the lost sheep. I was unsure if you were an actual Christian or not. Obviously you are, or think so.

    I am not from Temple 420. You seem to neglect Genesis 1:29. Cannabis is a plant of God.

    Revelation chapter 7 discusses the return of the seal of god. That is what I am after. If it is legal or illegal really doesnt matter to me. But cannabis is in the seal of god.

    There will be 144,000 Jews sealed as Christians. Now if you do not beleive this, then that is your choice.

    Other than this I will remain silent.

    May you enjoy your placement in the Kingdom of God. This is my final word for you.


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  4. Hey Bob! What in the world did you say that made this person question your Christianity??? I think your answers were well thought-out. I too looked at the quoted scriptures seeking where "cannibus" is the answer to all of our problems. Nothing there. What is the answer??? Salvation thru Christ, which we have, and I am so thankful for his saving Grace. I'm proud of you hon, for sticking with your beliefs, and for not listening to those who do not speak the truth. Love you, babe!