Thursday, March 22, 2007

Crrrrazzzzy Tax Guys!!!

Rant Warning - The following post contains some content that is negative in nature. Though no vulgar language is used it may not be suitable for positive people.

I drive down Bridge St at least twice a day to get to and from work. When I do I have to subject myself to an extreme annoyance. Uncle sam, Lady Liberty, and others greet me everyday on South Bridge.

They're the ridiculous mascots of Liberty Tax Services. They drive me crazy. The statue of liberty with the gigantic head is so stupid. The people dressed up in green waving are goofy. However, I have to say the most annoying one is the guy who has the boombox that blares Reggae or some other music and he does stupid dances the entire time he's out there. Gaaah! I can't stand it! Who in the world would say to themselves, "I need my taxes done right, but who should I choose? Oh, what about the company that has the stupid people dancing in front of their store to Reggae music???" Aaaaghh! I hate it. So annoying. I rank that up there with stupid local car commercials, Safe Auto commercials, or companies that think that giving away a $3.00 alarm clock will get them business.

They are all over the country - in the thousands.

It is up to you where you have your taxes done, but if you respect yourself and want a company that doesn't need to pull stupid tricks like these to try and get business, don't go to Liberty Tax Services. This is not me pulling for any other tax service company, just don't go there.

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