Friday, March 30, 2007

3BT for 3/30/07

1. Calling in to Matt's morning show. I sounded "sleepy", my throat was gravely, and was less than eloquent, but I still enjoyed myself. I talked about a couple different issues, but mostly the war in Iraq. I've called in and talked on tons of radio stations and programs over the years including:The Glenn Beck Program (sans Glenn Beck that morning), Dino & Stacey in the Morning, the Michael Reagen Show, and Dr. Laura. My favorite is still calling into the Buckeye show on 610 WTVN in Columbus. I talked to Earl Bruce and Craig Crenzel - and got told that my friends are losers by Mr. Bruce himself!

2. Being mocked by Chris Sabo, former third baseman of the Cincinnati Reds. I saw him at a Chillicothe Paints game and told him that he was my favorite player as a kid. I told him that all of my friends liked Barry Larkin, but I liked Chris Sabo the best. He said, "Thanks. You just made my day". Then he smirked at me, turned around to watch the game and started working on what looked like his fifth "beverage". It was awesome!

3. The woman at the drive thru window at Wendy's. I ordered, "Two junior bacon cheeseburgers, plain". She asked, "Did you want two junior bacon cheeseburgers, or two cheeseburgers?". I repeated my order and she said, "I heard you, I just wanted to make sure that was what you wanted". That is nice of her. She's looking out for my health!


  1. MY health! :)

    And...I was one of those Barry Larkin fans!

  2. It would have made the post even more boring than it already was explaining that it was your sandwich! I was "pulling a Matt" by not giving the exact details! :)

    I was a Barry Larkin fan too. I liked Sabo's goggles though. I just told Sabo he was my favorite so he would like me.... or so he would give me a drunken bust out.

  3. If I call him a loser maybe he'll get on here and talk to ya! :)

  4. Not a chance!

    You did great this morning on the air. I'm glad you called.

    I was a Sabo fan too. I thought my sister looked like him when she played softball. LOL!