Tuesday, March 20, 2007

3BT for 3/20/07

1. 15 seconds give a leave get home...your vacation find a take your first bite of your favorite say hello to a loved one after a long trip. No matter how bad you may feel just remember - it could get better in about 15 seconds.

2. My DVR service. I can pause or rewind live tv. I can program it to record and entire season of The Office. I can record two things simultaneously. Can your cable box do that? It can if you have a DVR (digital video recorder) box from Time Warner Cable. If you live in Chillicothe and your cable provider isn't Time Warner...well, you are out of luck.

3. Reheated pizza. I hate left-overs - unless it is pizza. Pizza tastes sooo good.

1 comment:

  1. DVR is awesome! It's recording Gilmore Girls for me as I type! Also, reheated pizza is fantastic! Who am I kidding??? PIZZA is fantastic!!!!!!!