Sunday, March 18, 2007

3BT for 3/18/07

1. People who say my baby is beautiful. All babies are cute, but not all are beautiful. It is sweet when guys who normally don't seem to care much about seeing a baby stare at her and call her beautiful. She is going to be turning guys away left and right. Maybe I should rethink the whole gun thing.

2. Making up songs on the fly. I have to give credit to the "guys of Who's Line?" for their ability to just come up with songs out of nowhere. Having a baby forces you to attempt this ability - something hours of practice has not helped us perfect. It is alot of fun and Miranda and I make up the silliest songs. They aren't perfect, but they're better than Barney!

3. Emily's tree. The last time I looked at her tree was late fall. A buck came through our yard and decided to "rub" it. The tree's tiny branches did not support the weight of the large buck's antlers. Some smaller branches and one large branch broke off. We were so upset. I thought for sure that when we returned to it it would be lost. I put a small fence around it and stuck two of the branches in the ground. I just couldn't throw them away. I prayed for the tree to grow strong despite its broken status. My mother and father in law went to check on it yesterday and said with a little TLC it will be just fine. We were happy to hear that. We were surprised when they said those branches in the ground had themselves begin to have buds appearing on them! What a miracle it would be to see those turn into a real tree - a gift from Emily to her little sister.

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