Thursday, March 15, 2007

3BT for 3/15/07

1. Watching Miranda sleep. Just after I finally got Maleah to sleep I started to get into bed and noticed Miranda dozed off. She always looks so peaceful. It makes me feel relaxed and like she is very safe.

2. Debunking fake email forwards. Bill Gates will not send you money or to Disney World just for forwarding some emails, nor will you get a special funny video once you forward, nor will you have good luck, etc. Ashley Flores is fine. Stop looking for her. To find out if an email is a fake or to see if something is "too good to be true" go to to search their database.

3. Daily calendars. I have a tear-off Dilbert calendar. Does anyone else have a problem with just going from day to day on these? I go months in advance sometimes!


  1. RE: #1...I woke up and you were looking at me! Kinda creeped me out! :) Sweet though!

  2. Hey, at least I'm not Eddie (Friend-ism) hiding behind your door! What's really creepy though is looking at someone while it is dark and you cannot tell if they are looking at you or not. Dark plays tricks on your eyes. That's kind of like a metaphor!