Tuesday, March 13, 2007

3BT for 3/13/07

1. March Madness. I don't follow college basketball like a used to, but the tournament is always exciting. Picking teams in brackets is always fun to do too.
2. Laughing about nothing. Miranda and I get the giggles some evenings. We crack up over stupid commercials, the way we say something, or just the fact that one of us is laughing.

3. REAL scientists who follow facts, not funding. Global warming seems to be all the buzz right now. Some scientists proclaim it is we who are destroying the ozone with our foolish lifestyles. Could there be evidence to show that a large portion of our problems come from natural sources? Could it be that Al Gore and his buddies are going too far on their doom and gloom predictions? Read this NY Times article to gain some insight.

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