Monday, March 12, 2007

3BT for 3/12/07

1. Patriotism. I love to see people displaying their patriotism in many different ways. Whether or not you agree with the war, this President, or anything else to do with our government, you have to love this country. Freedom is a privilege we take for granted. Matt's flag was stolen off his fence and he made a very patriotic statement with what he did. Read his post here.

2. My Pastor. I had not been to Sunday morning church services in weeks since the birth of our daughter. Last week was my first week back and he was on vacation. Getting to hear him preach was such a treat. Pastor Burris is a great Godly man.

3. Friends-isms. Miranda and I love the Friends tv show. We own all ten seasons on DVD. We constantly quote Friends on a daily basis. No matter what the situation we can find a Friends quote for it. We unfortunately know it better than the Bible. Maybe they should make the Bible in a comedy format (I am just kidding!).

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