Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Old for My Age

I'm 26....going on 66. I find myself wanting to "stay in". Watching tv or playing a board game appeal to me. Going dancing, clubbing, partying, or any other "ing" do not sound appealing. Pizza Hut and an episode of The Office sounds better to me than an expensive dinner and an overpriced show.

While enjoying coffee with Miranda and 2 other 20 something friends I complained that I act too old because "being out late drinking coffee and talking about the weather is not what 26 year olds do". Miranda and Matt both point out to me that 9pm is not late. Point made.

So, what is it that makes some people want to be party animals and other people like myself want to be hermits? Not sure. Here's the most important thing though. I'm happy. I don't need to be crazy and wild to have a good time. Neither does Miranda. Give me "Pass the Pigs", "Skip-Bo", or "Uno" and I am a happy camper. Does that make me weird? Not at all. It makes me normal in my own unique way.

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