Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Donkeys or Elephants? Just vote!

I submitted this to the Chillicothe Gazette for their "Opinions" Section and it was published. It is a slightly modified version of the original below.
We are all sick of these horrible ads; unfortunately they will never go away. Please do not let these ads discourage you from voting. Its unfortunate that most candidates have to resort to negative campaigning, but they feel they do. Please look beyond and get to the real issues. Do not neglect to vote.

People are more vocal now about politics than they have ever been. Our vote is even more important because of it. If you are a diehard conservative be proud of that and vote. If you are a hardcore liberal then show it. Know why you are voting for the person you are voting for. Be informed and vote for the best, or vote down party lines. It does not matter how you vote as long as you vote.

I am not saying that I will not voice my opinion. I will not stop pushing for the things that I believe in. If you are reading this, you should do the same. If there are issues that are important to you then don’t be afraid to discuss them, but don’t argue. Be strong and passionate, but do not be rude. Do not back down on your principles, but be open to other methods of solving a problem.

Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, Liberals, and Independents can all work together on things. We will always disagree on some issues, but other issues do not have party affiliation. Safety should not have a party affiliation. General well being for our people should not have a party affiliation. Patriotism should not have a party affiliation. We must be together on these things.

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