Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Roller Coaster

As the title says this week has been a roller coaster. I'll let you know when the ride comes to a complete stop! Just a quick update of what's been happening:

  • I washed my cell phone in the washer - twice. No need to ask questions.
  • I started with Time Warner on August 1st and will be working from Chillicothe. What was my first order of business? I went back to Columbus to work for 2 weeks! Weird hours, but its not hard and I am just excited to be working for this company.
  • Mom and dad are finally moved in. No further explanation needed. :)
  • We had a yard sale and I sold my old cell phone ONE day before I broke my new one.

Its been a crazy and annoying week. However, I shouldn't complain. God's given me too much.


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