Tuesday, July 11, 2006

And that's a big "but"

Whaaassuuuup? This Played Out Reference of the Week brought to you by Diet Squirt. No sugar, no caffeine, and no flavor. Now because it is chocked full of Brominated vegetable oil and the ester of wood rosin it cannot be beat! Honestly, its not a bad pop (that's "soda" for the north and "coke" for the south). Just a little plain for my taste.

Anyway. I have no idea why I typed all of that. Time draws near for the sale of my company to Time Warner and I am indifferent. I am very excited for this new opportunity and am glad they chose to hire me, but I can't help but feeling nervous. New people, new location, new everything. I know it will be fine as it always is, but that feeling persists.

In the meantime I have been back and forth (and forth and back) about Real Estate. My license expires in September and I don't think I'll be renewing it. I have alot of people telling me I am dumb for it. Maybe I am. Its easy to see the positive because I will have something to fall back on. If I lose my other job I will already have one waiting...but. But, does that mean I am creating my own safety net? Am I refusing to rely on God to take care of me and creating my own "back-up" plan? Well, that may be up for debate for some, but I know the answer. It was me creating opportunity that got me in this to begin with. I am the one who chose to be a Realtor, not God. I am the one that chose to temporarily leave college 3 classes shy of graduating just to be able to go to real estate school, not God. God has big plans for my life and I temporarily squelched them by doing this.

I do not honestly think that God has a problem with being financially responsible. He asked us to be good stewards. Creating a back-up plan is a smart thing, but not when it comes at the expense of God's plans for your life. Thought it may make sense to keep the license two things suffer as a result. 1. My time with and my work for God and 2. My relationship and time with my wife. Now, I'm not saying that anything has been wrong with me and Miranda, but it could if our time is cut in half. Time away - especially working long hours - can put a strain on a marriage. Right now I am not feeling it because I have no listings and no current customers. This is not because I can't, but because I don't want them. I think I have almost completely decided, but in this mind of mine only time will tell.

The one thing I know for sure.... I am not making another decision like this without God's help.

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