Saturday, June 10, 2006

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

What should the death of a man such as Zarqawi mean to us? Should we ever triumph and glorify the death of another human being? I can answer those questions with one question:

Do you remember the video clips of the beheadings?

Those horrible images of a person just moments before they lose their life (not quick or painless) will be forever burnt into our minds - much like the images of September 11, 2001. Evil takes on a whole new meaning with scum like Zarqawi and our country and the earth are better off without him.
I understand that his death does not stop terrorism. It barely slows it down. However, this does send a message. The death of Zarqawi is iconic in its nature. This terrible man represented everything that is wrong with the world. He is evil in its most concentrated form and now he is gone. We should be happy that some form of progress is being made and that real threats are being taken care of.

Some people out there put on their "left slanting" glasses and tend to see it negatively. Well, hats off to you. You have taken one of only a few things in this country that we can all agree on and made it look like a bad thing.

For those that think this whole war is a mistake let me put it simply: We can be proactive and try to neutralize the threat now, or we can be reactive and wait until the smoke clears to take care of business. John Kerry summed it up by saying, "Any attack will be met with a swift and certain response". If we wait to be attacked we are no more than...sitting ducks.

God Bless,
Bob Speakman

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