Saturday, April 15, 2006

This week's AI Update

I missed this week's AI power rankings...oh well. Who reads this anyway? Here are a few comments from this week though.
The person I would have picked to go home, Bucky, did go home. They did the music of Queen and it wasn't great. Paris, Ace, and Katherine really shined. Kellie and Bucky stunk, Chris and Taylor were themselves (Chris the rocker, Taylor the seizure ridden dancer/singer) and Elliot fell somewhere in the middle. All in all, not the worst week, but they are all disappointing America with playing it too safe.
The show itself this year has really disappointed me. Everything from their horrible theme weeks - Stevie Wonder, Queen, and Rod Stewart's American Standards collection - to the way the judges throw their weight behind particular people. Then there is the incoherent babbling of Paula and the extreme overuse of the word "dog" by Randy Jackson. Its all quite annoying.
The voting system is stupid (who likes Kevin Covais?), who the judges initially pick into the finals is unfair (i.e. Kevin Covais) and the whole audition process is ridiculous.
That's all for this week.
Speakman out.

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