Friday, April 07, 2006

Spring Cleaning

This time of year always leads a person into thinking the inevitable.... We have to clean this place up! Tree branches in your yard from that windy day...2 months ago. Grass that wasn't cut that one last time before winter is now scraggly and long. Not to mention the fact that my yard is a magnet for trash of all types and sizes from other people's yards. That's just the outside. I won't even get started on the inside!
Our soul can often use this "spring cleaning" as well. I think that we too often neglect our "spiritual yard". This is the quiet place where we meet Jesus. We worship Him there and He directs us. Just as our real yard gets cluttered so does our spiritual yard. We need to clean up the debris from the "storms" that we go through. We also need to weed out all of the bad things that grow up too tall in our lives. We also allow too much "trash" to come into our lives. Though it may not be ours we let it in. That makes us just as guilty and we need to remove this trash from our lives.
Spring is here. Have you cleaned out your spiritual yard yet? Please take this day or any other quiet opportunity to do just that.

God Bless,
Bob Speakman

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