Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My Mood Ring

Sometimes a blog is like a mood ring. There are usually "tones" found within each one that give you indication as to what you are feeling, or how your day is going. Sometimes you can trick the thing into thinking you are feeling different than you really are. A person can also be someone who they really aren't, manipulate the truth, gain sympathy, or even on rare occasion - say what you are feeling. That's what I want to do.
I have been feeling very angry lately - and I mostly know why that is. I had neglected my prayer and Bible study over the last several days. That is the largest part of it. However, there is more to it than that. Over the last several weeks my wife and I have grown increasingly upset. Its not about that "Brokeback" movie - I expect no less than that. Its not because of the increase of garbage on tv and movies - it makes me angry, but I expect it too. It is the "Christians" who make me angry.
I am a Christian myself. I am not trying to say that I am perfect in any way, shape, or form (though people that know me might disagree). Its like the bumper sticker says, "Christians aren't perfect, just saved". There are things I need to change in my life - anger being one of them - but I find it incorrigible the way that some Christians behave.
Christians are acting more like the world with each and everyday. We conform to the standards the world gives to us. We accept the social norms of the day. We stand idly by as our God and our savior, Jesus, get verbally torn to shreds on a daily basis. One cartoon about Mohamed started a violent uproar in the Muslim faith and we can't even write a letter to the editor when our faith is pummeled. I am not saying we have to kill anyone, but we do need to respond. WE can be so pathetic. We stand by as all of this happens and what's worse.....WE PARTICIPATE IN IT as well.
People that are supposed to be Christians cuss on a daily basis. They drink on the weekends. They talk just like the world and they look just like the world. No one could pick them out of a lineup. It has often been said that if we were on trial for being a Christian most of us wouldn't even have enough evidence to convict us! Why should any nonChristian even want to get saved if they see how we live. Its no different - if not worse - than they are living themselves! Some who claim Christianity live in constant sin, but how is it that sin and Jesus live in the same place? They can't. If you find yourself constantly doing the wrong thing you need to talk to Christ. Maybe you should question your Christianity.
Before you ask me...I don't think I have the right to judge others. That's not what this is about. We can't judge others, but the Bible does say we will know that people are Christians by the fruit they bear. So, I am not judging - I am merely a fruit inspector!
Again, I do not claim perfection. I just feel like we need to start our own revolution; a revival of the fire that used to burn so strong. We need to be different than this world. There should be an obvious change in us. One that is apparent by just our actions alone. What's my mood ring say I am now? Determined...if that's a mood!
We need to take a stand as Christians.

God Bless,
Bob Speakman

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