Wednesday, April 26, 2006

AI: Power Rankings Week 7 (Results)

This was one of my most favorite results episodes ever. Here's the rundown:
  • Simon and Randy apologized for their comments to Katharine and said that watching the performance back on tv was different. They said it was good and that they were harsh. Paula was given the opportunity to do the same, but she apparently didn't want to. She said, "Katharine knows I love her". Ok.....
  • Andrea Bocelli performed and he was amazing! He is wonderfully talented.
  • The idols were placed in 3 groups of 2. Chris and Katharine were the top 2, Elliot and Taylor were the middle 2, and Kellie and Paris rounded out the bottom 2.
  • Most importantly....Kellie went home. Now its a competition.
It was great to see my top 2 as America's top 2 and my worst as America's worst. Finally we have a watchable show. Until Next week. Here's what you'll be watching. Here is next week's info directly from the AI website:

"Now, Tuesday at 8/7c the Final 5 will be performing two songs each – one from the year they were born and any song from this week's Top 10 Billboard Charts. Then, come back for the results Wednesday 9/8c."

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