Wednesday, April 05, 2006

AI: Power Rankings Week 4

After Thursday night's result show I walked away with the strangest feelings. I was happy and angry at the same time. I was correct and so very wrong at the same time. I believe America got it dead right, and dead wrong at the same time. As Lisa left this competition I grinned with a perfect 3-0 record in picking the homeward bound singers. However, it was the company that Lisa kept that made me ill.


Lisa stood in the bottom three's center stage; right where she belongs. Though I believe Ace doesn't belong in the bottom 3, it wasn't a giant surprise to see him there after previous weeks.  The big surprise came when Ryan says that either Katherine or Bucky was in the bottom 3. The naive side of me sighed in relief, but the all-knowing side discerned it was just the calm before the storm. As Katherine joined Ace and Lisa my jaw literally dropped. I couldn't believe it. My second highest was America's second lowest. That was ridiculous. Anyhow, enough ranting….on with the show.


The AI Contestants sang "Country" this week and surprise, surprise, surprise…the judges praised Bucky and Kellie!!! They better have done well because it's their genre! Almost everyone improved over last week; not a very difficult task. It was another week of boring stuff though, and I was a little let down.


Here is my AI Power Rankings for week 4:


9. Elliot Yamin. Just when I was becoming an Elliot fan he goes and sends himself home.  He reverted back to his previous lifeless, motionless, emotionless self. Don't be surprised to see him leaving us tonight. I'm afraid its time.


8. Bucky Covington. If country is his forte, then I would hate to see what he does bad at.  He isn't the worse singer, but I don't understand why he has hung on this long. I wouldn't mind seeing him go, but he won't. Not tonight. Unfortunately.


7. Kellie Pickler. AI did some PR for KP. They made sure she could address the fact that she is indeed that dumb, and its not an act. Its sad either way so I don't care. She sang the single worst country song of all time: Fancy by Reba. Ahhh! Kellie Pickler meets Reba is like someone's foot meeting my head. Its painful, but not enough to knock me out. She won't go home. Probably won't even be in the bottom 3. Keep up the crappy job. Its working for you, somehow.


6. Mandisa. She took on Shania Twain – who can't sing to begin with – and didn't do that great. She was good, but she overdid it a little bit. She's not too long for this competition. You might just see her in the bottom 3 this week.


5. Taylor Hicks.  He keeps trying to get me to not like him. I loved him all of the way up to the top 12 and he lost his luster. The novelty of "the gray haired guy" has worn off for me. He's got to step it up….Or should he? He gets votes either way.


4. Paris Bennett. She did ok this week. She had absolutely no connection to "How Do I Live?".  She did belt it out, but if the audience doesn't feel it she won't feel the love. She will get enough votes to be here again next week. She should be a lock to stay out of the bottom 3.


3. Ace Young. Ace has received mixed reviews today; some loved him, others hated him. I agree with the prior. I thought he was great and made the song adapt to him and not the other way around. Keith Urban was the perfect choice for him. He shouldn't be in the bottom 3, but there will be no surprise from me if he is. What is wrong with you America?


2. Katherine McPhee. Hopefully America stopped taking their stupid pills and voted for McPhee this week. She did excellent with "Bringing out the Elvis in Me". Never heard it before, but it was really good. I even think she gained some ground on Chris this week. She will NOT be in the bottom 3. I guarantee it.


1. Chris Daughtry. What else can be said? This guy slowed things way down and still nailed it. Keith Urban was the perfect choice for him as well. Chris will keep steamrolling through this competition all of the way to the end.


Speakman OUT!

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