Wednesday, March 29, 2006

AI: Power Rankings Week 3

First of all I have to say to Kevin Covais…. SEE YA! Man, that felt good!


Week three's theme was "Twenty-First Century" and the contestants proved they deserved to be in the top 10…..I wish that were a true statement


It was music from the 21st Century, but almost every singer collapsed under the pressure of being current. This should have been their week to shine. They were all pretty dim. Anyhow, to mask any further frustration I will move on to the AI: Power Rankings for Week 3.


10. Lisa Taylor. Who did you expect, Bucky? Although he's bad in his own right, Lisa was actually worse. She took on "Because of You" by former AI winner Kelly Clarkson and BOMBED it. Is she trying to go home?? Well, let's hope she wants to go home because she will be tonight.


9. Bucky Covington. Bucky survives to see another week of competition and sings…! What a shocker! I don't like country that well, but I know what good country singing is, and that's not it. Bucky, you may be a "Real Good Man" but you are a real bad singer. You can buy Lisa something pretty for keeping you in this thing another week.


8. Kellie Pickler. Kellie laid another big fat farm egg this week. Her singing "Suds in a Bucket" seemed like a match made in


7. Elliot Yamin. This guy surprised me for the second straight week. The vocals were very good (sorry Miranda!) and he seemed to actually have a good time. I still can't find anyone to bump out of the top 6 for him to have a spot.


6. Taylor Hicks. Taylor is losing some of his luster right now for me. He tried to do a slower song this week and something was lost in the translation. The novelty is wearing off.


5. Ace Young. Ace sung "Drops of Jupiter"? Why in the world? That was a horrible song choice. He was really nervous and shaky throughout. The singing was average at best. Ace is one of my favorites, but if he keeps making these kind of choices he will be in the bottom 3 again…and he will deserve it this time.


4. Mandisa. Mandisa praises God in front of millions! Wow. She blew me away singing a popular song by "Mary, Mary". She had church! It was really good, but Simon found it "indulgent". Not really sure why. She is great, but I can't see her cracking the top 3.


3. Paris Bennett. Paris really "Work(ed) it out" with her Beyonce song. My wife and I really disagreed on this one. She didn't like it and I loved it. She showed a lot of energy and sang her rear off. Way to go P!


2. Katherine McPhee. McPhee again did really well even though she sang a Christina song. She is in no danger of going home anytime soon. She is a near complete lock for the Finals.


1. Chris Daughtry. Chris rocked hard. Almost too hard. It was still very good and he will just keep getting better. I expect him in the next 2 weeks to really blow us all away. Keep it up dude. Chris is rocker….Bo Bice is not.

God Bless,
Bob Speakman

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